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[Brazil]: Bahia Airport Modenizations: Barreiras, Lençóis, Teixeira de Freitas, and Irec

Banco do Brasil is planning to release tenders for the modernization of four (4) airports in Barreiras, Lençóis, Teixeira de Freitas, and Irecê in the State of Bahia. The modernization efforts will be based on the recommendations made by IOS Partners, Inc. as part of USTDA-funded Technical Assistance (USTDA 2012-51019). Though information regarding the specific equipment and services to be procured is not yet available, procurements will likely be made for the installation and purchase of equipment and systems including Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS), Precision Approach Precision Indicators (PAPI) and lighting systems. U.S. companies interested in the trade lead would be working with the Bahia State Infrastructure Secretariat (SEINFRA), the Brazilian Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SAC) and Banco do Brasil.

Link for more information: Requests for Proposals will be posted on Banco do Brasil’s website (in Portuguese):


Proposal Deadline: N/A

Point of Contact:

Banco do Brasil – Technical Support (Tenders)
Tel: +55 0800 729 0500

Expressions of Interest Sought for a Regional Electric Interconnection Project between Senegal and Mauritania

The governments of Mauritania and Senegal are seeking expressions of interest for the construction of a 225kV transmission line between Nouakchott and Tobène, to upgrade the connection and increase the transmission capacity between the two countries’ power grids. The proposed line will be capable of carrying up to 250MW. There will be an open international tender for pre-qualified companies. The deadline for expressions of interest for the tender pre-qualification is January 30, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. local time (Dakar).


According to the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), Senelec charges the highest tariffs in the West African Economic and Monetary Union, and relies on significant government subsidies, of €180m ($240m) in 2012 and €120m in 2013. However, restructuring efforts at the utility are beginning to bear fruit, and there are hopes that supply can be improved by the planned 125MW Sendou coal-fired plant, and by imports from Mauritania.

Mauritania has an energy investment plan that includes a 350MW gas-to-power project, a 30MW wind power plant and a 15MW solar project. Development of the Banda gas field has been under discussion for some years, but operator Tullow Oil has recently scaled down its activities in Mauritania following disappointing exploration results, and is planning to bring in one or more partners to reduce its stake to around 30% from 66.83% before reaching a final investment decision.

The latest blow to the development of Banda has come with the withdrawal of miner Kinross Gold Corporation from the Société de Production de l’Electricité à Partir du Gaz special purpose vehicle, whose main shareholder is now state power utility Société Mauritanienne d’Electricité (Somelec). The World Bank approved a guarantee package for the gas to power project in May (AE 279/9). Somelec plans to export some 125MW to Senegal and 50MW to Mali. The existing interconnection can carry only 80MW, so a new high-voltage line is planned to increase capacity.

The total cost of the project is put at some €190m, made up of €80m on the Mauritanian side, €105m in Senegal and €5m for the joint supervision of the works. The Mauritanian element will be wholly financed by the AFD with a loan of €80m. The Senegalese works will be funded with €40m from the AFD, €60m from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and a €5.5m grant from the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund for the oversight element. The governments will meet the costs of compensation payments to affected populations, put at €600,000 for Mauritania and €2m-€8m for Senegal.

The Tender will be divided into four areas:

  • Lot 1 involves the design, supply and installation of a 204km, 225kV line between the Nouakchott Centrale Nord substation and Keur Pèr, along with a 225kV/90kV substation at Béni Nadji and the extension of the existing 225kV Nouakchott substation. This lot will be financed by the AFD.
  • Lot 2 involves the design, supply and installation of a 74km, 225kV line between Keur Pèr and Saint Louis, along with a 225kV/30kV substation at Saint Louis Est, and the extension of the existing 25kV substation at Tobène. This lot will be financed by the AFD.
  • Lot 3 involves a 144km, 225kV line between Saint Louis and Tobène, with financing from the IDB.
  • Lot 4 involves supervision of the works in Lots 1-3. [The call for expressions of interest to determine pre-qualified companies for Lot 4 has already closed.]

The full notice for expressions of interest may be viewed at http://tenders.afd.dgmarket.com/tenders/np-notice.do?noticeId=11700414.

Point of contact: Interested applicants may obtain further information from:

Primary Contact at SENELEC (Senegal):
Name:              Mr. Djili FALL
Address:          Cellule de Passation des Marchés
28, Rue Vincens
DAKAR, Sénégal
Telephone:      +221 33839 31 30
Email:              djily.fall@senelec.sn
Web Site:         http://senelec.sn

For further information/assistance, U.S. companies and their subsidiaries & partners may contact:

Contact (Mauritania): La Société Mauritanienne d’Electricité (SOMELEC)
Address:          47, Avenue de l’Indépendance
BP 355 Nouakchott
République Islamique de Mauritanie
Fax:                 +222 45 25 39 95
Email:             lignehtmrsn@somelec.mr
Contact:          Le Conseiller du Directeur Général chargé des marches (Advisor to the Director General of Markets) ou le Directeur d’Exécution des Projets (Director of Project Implementation)

Contact (Senegal):  La Société d’Electricité du Sénégal (SENELEC)
Address:          28, rue Vincens
BP 93 Dakar
République du Sénégal

Fax:                 +221 823.12.67
Email:             lignehtmrsn@senelec.sn
Contact:          Le Directeur de l’équipement et de l’environnement (Director of Equipment & Environment)

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(Rwanda) Rwaza I & II Hydropower Projects

Background: A USTDA grant to Rwandan energy developer DC HydroPower Ltd (Grantee) is funding Technical Assistance to support the company’s plans to develop two small run-of-the-river hydropower plants on the Mukungwa River in Rwanda’s northwest Musanze District (Project). The Project includes two hydropower plants, Rwaza I and Rwaza II, which would generate 2.6 Megawatts (MW) and 1.0 MW, respectively.  The Project is intended to increase power generation capacity for the Musanze District.

The projected timeline for construction is 18 months, with construction estimated to begin in October 2015. Equipment and services that will be needed for Project implementation include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction of the following components:
  • Diversion weir with intake
  • Trash rack
  • Sediment trap
  • 1.5 km of a 5m wide by 2m depth channel
  • Powerhouse (including installation of turbine & generator)
  • Maintenance building
  • Electrical switch yard
  • Forebay and penstock
  • 1 km access roadway
  • 30kv transmission line (8 km long to existing 110 kv line)
  • Pre-fabricated bridge structure and abutments


These facilities will be constructed at each of the sites, except for the maintenance building which will be a shared facility.

Point of Contact:

For more information about this Project and how your company can participate, please contact Pete Hemingway with Ritoch-Powell & Associates via email at phemingway@ritochpowell.com.

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(Turkey) EPC Contract for 70MW Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Facility

Brief Background: In 2010, USTDA provided funding for a Feasibility Study (FS) for the construction of a solid Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plant for the Istanbul Environmental Management Industry and Trading Company A.S. (ISTAC). This WTE plant will help to reduce the volume of municipal solid waste (MSW) at the Odayeri Landfill. Potential U.S. exports for this project could reach $45 million and include deionization and reverse osmosis systems, steam turbines, electric generators, condensers, feed water and condensate pumps, plant control systems, motor control centers, and switchgears. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) (under which ISTAC is 100% incorporated) will make EPC and consultancy contractor selections through a tender commission. ISTAC will also be involved throughout the tendering process.

A previous tender was issued but later cancelled for financial reasons. The retendering will likely be announced in June or July 2015. After announcement, interested companies will have one month to prepare the necessary documents for prequalification.

Link for more information: Interested companies should monitor www.ibb.gov.tr, the Municipality website for tender selection.

Proposal Deadline: Deadline TBD. Tender will be announced in June or July 2015.

Point of Contact:  Contact Information can be found at the IBB website.

U.S. Embassy Contacts:
Serdar Ҫetinkaya
Deputy Commercial Attache & Energy Sector Lead
[90] (312) 455-7193

Ebru Olcay
Commercial Specialist
U.S. Consulate, Istanbul

[90] (212) 335-9040


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Chemical Manufacturing Needed

The Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center has a need for Glycerolyte 57% Solution Bottles, Military Quad BPU Plastic Blood Bags and Samplock Access Device.

Contractor to provide these supplies to 3001 Green Bay Road, North Chicago, IL 60064 per delivery schedule provided in the solicitation.

Supply descriptions:

1. Glycerolyte 57% Solution in 500ml glass bottles. Each 100ml of Glycerolyte 57% Solution will contain: 57g Glycerin, 1.6g Sodium Lactate, 30mg Potassium Chloride buffered with 51.7mg Monobasic Sodium Phosphate (monohydrate), and 124.2mg Dibasic Sodium Phosphate (anhydrous). The approximant ph is 6.8 adjusted with phosphoric acid. This is a cryopreservative processing solution for manufacture of Frozen Red Blood Cells.

2.Military Quad BPU, P11240, 450 CPDA1 Sample Diversion SDS System, PL 146 Plastic blood bags are for the collection of whole blood units.

3.Samplock Access Device for use with the BPU w/filters for the collection of blood specimens.

Contracting Office Address:
Great Lakes Acquisition Center (GLAC);Department of Veterans Affairs;115 S 84th Street, Suite 101;Milwaukee WI 53214-1476
Point of Contact(s):
Teresa Beers-Wesolowski
Contract Specialist

For more information visit the U.S. Registries Directory Listing Tool

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Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Needed

336 — Transportation Equipment Manufacturing/336992 — Military Armored Vehicle, Tank, and Tank Component Manufacturing


Contracting Office Address:
6501 E Eleven Mile Road
Warren, Michigan 48397-5000
United States

Primary Point of Contact.:
Julie DeCarlo

Secondary Point of Contact:
Karen L. Kaczorowski
Phone: 586-282-3161

For more information visit the U.S. Registries Directory Listing Tool

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